Leather tobacco pouch

Made of leather and fabric, each pouch is colored.  A lining fabric offers protection to tobacco as well as a touch of color matching with elastic.All products are unique, handmade. Be smart, enjoy and show you soft leather pouch everywhere.

A rolling tobacco soft leather pouch 

Pouches are a convenient way to store your tobacco on a day-to-day. For pipe or cigarette smoker, it's important to use with ease, that's why mid sized roll up design help you to feel confortable. Only 2 fingers to close with elastique, one hand to open and roll-up ! An efficient cotton lining prevents tobacco from drying out.

A soft leather tobacco pouch 

Soft leather is the perfect material to adapt to changing quantity  of tobacco inside. Stroing elastic will allow a convenient use for everyday.

Perfect gift

Each tobacco pouch comes with a paper rolling gift paper. For more details about material, design, use and values, see our dedicated description page of tobacco pouch.

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