Leather handmade cardholder for women

"Maripipi" - Card holder - zipper - elastic - original fabric folded : 10 cm * 6.5 cm

Leather women cardholders handcrafted | 18€

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pochette design How is made this small cardholder ?

The elastic wraps around your small wallet and closes with 2 fingers. The pockets are lined with fabric (6.5 x 10 cm). It fits easily into your denim pocket, discreet. Inside, no mystery, 2 pockets for all cards of the format of payment cards. AnneCecileCreation, la marque jamais à court d'idées, vous propose une collection de plus de 20 étuis originaux de toutes les couleurs pour l'assortir vos tenus ou votre sac à main. La cadeau unique pour chacun et chacune, petit format mais aussi petit prix avec la livraison gratuite.

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carte fidélité

The little cardholder for men and women.

type de fermeture portefeuille interieur

The little cardholder for men and women.

porte carte cuir femme

women leather cardholder

porte carte pour femme

You look for a minimalistcover, for everyday and easy to take off your bag ? Choose the one which matchs with your colors, your bag. I make a point of offering a large scale of colors. No zipper, no clips. Just an elastic.

peau naturelle

Real leather, timeless material

le cuir matière Fabric is cheaper but won't last like leather. The fabric wears well, and the seams give way easily. For a everyday use , leather will be a better choice. Think about your style and play to match your cardholder with. Don't forget to take care of your leather with a cream. Cowhide leather is more resistant, lamb softer. It's up to you. womens cardholder
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carte fidélité

Perfect cover for your cards

accessoire sac à main

L'accessoire préféré des sacs à main

accessoire sac à main