leather handmade purse for women

Leather Purse for women

leather color

"Tumbak" leather wallet craft - elastic & folded : 10 cm * 7 cm

Wallet leather handmade man woman | 29€

2 variants, large and small

small leather purse

variant 1 Small leather purse, no zip.

Small, in your pocket, but essential. Easy to store coins and bills and even few cards. Need to get only one accessory, if you had only one to choose, let's bet you would prefer it.

large purse

Large purse Large purse, push button and belows.

Even if small purse is not limited, a larger model gives you a wide open space to look for small coins. To secure closure, a push button is added on the internal flap. In a nutshell, easy access, same design.

all colors
custom leather

Which leather to choose ? bi-material