Handmade soft leather wallet

You are looking for a wallet for money , made of leather, convenient and original ? For gift or everyday, for men or women,
CREATIONACC's wallet with money is deisgned to fit with a passport, everyday papers, visiting and bank cards i dedicated slots, and coins in a zip pocket. Choose fabric, color, solft leather. It's perfect !

"Pamilacan" wallet - Zip & elastic & original fabrics - folded 5.5" x 3.9"

brown leather zipper wallet
Soft leather handmade wallet

Soft leather handmade wallet

2 variants

external zipper

version 1 metal ball closure wallet closure type 2 flaps and exterior zipper

Designed to store all your documents, feel free to add an id card, a passport, insurance documents, your credit cards and even notes and coins. It's an "every day" wallet. Enjoy the style, elastic and fabric always matching to give a unique touch. Be yourself, find out your second skin. Leather is chosen among soft leather clothes. Colors matter, as a leitmotiv in the brand.
avec fermeture exterieure

version 2 2 flaps and inner zip

internal zipper Fold your wallet and secure your documents with an elastic . Wrapping leather, it goves it a color and contrast touch of color. Coins and notes are store inside. Store all your documents in a dedicated pocket. Size is adjusted to passport size, so that all other documents match : id cardsinsurance, driving licence, credit, bank, , etc... 2 additions small pockets allow you to store cards
soft leather wallet wallet with purse leather

long last

A flat and large wallet

thin wallet Too many papers, too thick, it will explodes ! Don't be ashamed anymore. Your wallet remains flat. Soft leather and lining fabric let all  space . you need.  . If you are worried that he will not be able to hold as much, consider the model with additional pockets, wallet wallet xxl, also known as mini organizer. The same with even more storage capacity, it has tight that the price, 48€.   

The choice of leather and color

elastic color
Whether you like the brown, blue, white, camel, the filter by color category will help you to find the wallet you have ever dreamed of.
custom fabric

Soft leather womens wallet

soft leather wallet