Leather handmade tobacco pouch

You are looking for a tobacco pouch, made with fabric and leather ? AnneCecileCreation offers a large collection of products for smoker. A slot for cigarette paper is sewed under soft leather flap rolling with an elastic.
Tobacco rolls are designed to store a standard size of tobacco bulk bag. In addition, soft leather allow to insert more or less bulk tobacco.
  • "Kadidiri"- Handmade tobacco pouch Folded : 14cm X 8,5cm

    Rolling tobacco pouch | 38€

    rolling with elastique

    The soft leather crafted

    leather material natural skin

    Made in the workshop with natural skins

    custom wallet

    The choice of leather and lined fabric to personalize your desires

    Like all CREATIONACC products, the inside of the tobacco cases is lined with fabric. For a gift or for yourself, it is the possibility to find a stylish, inspired, personal model. The colour of the elastic, as on all the brand's goods, matches the colours and patterns of the fabric. Be original, go out in your clothes, proudly take out your tobacco pouch. Over time, the leather tans. A particular relationship is created with this material. Proud to have it in his pocket, proud to take it out, made of natural material. Smoking is a personal pleasure, what could be more natural than to want to accompany this moment with the pleasure of opening your tobacco pouch to enjoy its style, your style.
    fumeur pipe

    Smoking cigarette to roll, or pipe lover, the essential article to store in the dry cigarette leaves, tobacco and filters

    You smoke a pipe or you smoke a pipe or cigarettes, a practical multi-purpose case for rolling . The essential accessory with the ashtrey. This pouch does not, however, have the characteristics specific to the requirements of a pipe smoker. You can also store your cigarette roller there at the same time as you keep your tobacco pouch. Dedicated OCB sheets pocket is designed to take sheets one by one. , pour rouler ses cigarettesSmoke nature, not e-cigarette.
    • Sheet slot
    • Fabric lining
    • Standard size
    small price
    unique price

    A soft price