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Who am I ?

My name is Anne-Cécile. I am a self-taught person. I have been working leather since 2013. My neighbors and friends immediately wanted to buy my handbags, wallets. No need for a model, I create them myself, I have it in my skin.

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My machine

Moreover, my brand CREATIONACC ® has found a slogan :" the second skin".

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Give a second chance to clothes

I have found a balance between creation and a concept that suits me perfectly: an economical, ecological, eco-friendly approach as they say. I like to hunt, I love flea markets and I like fabric stores. By looking for a fabric that goes well with a leather, I perpetuate the exercise.

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Leather jackets being recycled

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Human e-commerce

In short, my job is my way of thinking. I have a human look on my business. I call it proximity. As long as my customers have a special relationship with my creations, as long as they tell me a story, I will be carried by them. Not long ago, I received a photo of the first wallet I sold in the United States. 3 years in the pocket. A faithful friend bought to travel and just waiting to travel. More than an object, a dream, a project.

Some time ago, I received a photo of the first wallet I had sold in the united states. 3 years in the pocket. Dedicated to travel use, a passport cover, it had never been used for that unfortunatly. But I was happy to see how my first customer was a fan of it.

Photo AnneCecileCreation

Color girl


My portrait in video

Visit of the workshop. 


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