Recycling leather from clothes

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Recycling clothes into wallets

  • The recuperation means rethinking and reusing these jackets, pants or shirts forgotten in the closet. clothes to
  • Upcycle is the operation of transformation into a new product, a valorization from the preserved material, even embellished with the years.

The capacity of this material to last is incredible. It renews itself, maintains itself like the skin. A godsend, to give it to the taste of the day, to make live again a fashion

Jacket upcycling

An old jacket into handbag

leather jacket

Recycled leather and textiles

skirt square pattern fabric

skirts with square patterns

blagues à tabac 100% recyclées

100% recycled tobacco pouches

leather jacket

Vintage has style to leather

leather jacket to recycle

Leather jackets to recycle

respect of environnment

Respect for the environment, certification

I indirectly respect the environment and participate in the reduction of waste. I am a member of repar'Acteurs, the directory of Brittany's Chamber of Trades and Crafts:

The only exception to the carbon footprint is that I travel and buy fabrics in the countries I visit. The colors of the world inspire me, and it is not uncommon for my textile collection to be enriched with fabrics that I buy during my trips abroad. fabrics fabrics in Asia mainly. Follow me on social networks.

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