My workshop

My workshop smells leather. It is organized around the various workstations, sewing, cutting, assembly, engraving and office space. This new 20m2 light space is crossed by the light that falls from the large glass roof. I offer a visit, between trinkets, handbags and machines.

leather goods

Work expace



1. A table for each gesture

2. A table to iron the leather

3. A table to cut leather

4. Trinkets

5. Sale in the workshop

A table for each gesture

To work It is important to be comfortable. I work mainly standing, at a height to cut leather. I hunned a very stable workshop table, with a large wooden tray. The generous dimensions leave me enough to cut the leather over a meter in length if necessary. A very solid structure and steel feet ensure stability. This is my main workstation. I cut, I measure, I stick, and I sew at the machine at the end of the table on a high wooden chair that I also bought.


Steel foot table workshop

My workshop chair

On my table, there are cutter casters to cut leather, large scissors to cut the fabric, scissors for the wire, matrices to cut the corners, hammers, tips, rivet pliers, paper to stick And still many other small accessories. My Bernina sewing machine monitors all this manual work of end of the table. This is where I settle in for the last stages of making your leather accessories.


The cutting table, sew and adjust


Bernina's work table and sewing machine

Under the table, I take advantage of a tray near the floor to store my suitcases full of the wallets.

Wallet suitcases

My portfolio stock

"I love the suitcases and I use it to store the wallets"

A table to iron the leather

Did you know, the leather goes back. Rest assured, I don't buy crumpled leather. I use an iron to stick 2 pieces of leather. Thus, I can sew them without risk of shift the different parts of a wallet: pocket, shutter, bellows, and other zipper.

leather strap

A small ironing table

I made a rail to store a mini ironing table. I take it out to stick my leather pieces with a thermo double -sided thermo. I also put it easily to assemble my products. The raw wood is elegant and I like to spread the wallets here for sales in the workshop.
Under my table, still storage, a pretty basket for papers, suitcases, still suitcases.

pretty baskets

A basket at the foot of the "glue table".

A table to cut leather

I have already devoted a blog article to this machine amazing. She was made from scratch by my father. It allows you to cut the leather parts at the right dimensions thanks to cutter blades which take up the shapes of my leather parts. The blades crush the leather. A simple button, and the magic operates, the cast iron tray goes down and stops at the millimeter so as not to damage the blades. A very beautiful object of which I invite you to discover the characteristics and history of construction on this blog, Click here.

The cutting machine with its matrices

The leather cutting machine


I like decorate with objects that I find on a trip, a flea market or in a garage sale, provided they are period. I also like to add some gifts from creators or craftsmen that I come across on the salons and that I sometimes invite my private sales. I need a camera for photography camera straps, I keep an old silver device canon reflex.

Atelier trinkets

Unusual objects

Atelier trinkets

A window sill preserved for decoration.

Atelier trinkets

Green decoration for a recovered spirit.

Sale in the workshop

Now I have no more excuses for to welcome my clients in the best conditions. On appointment, I receive customers all week available or offer a unique and personalized gift. Call me. I graze on site, I accessorize by adding a press button. We choose the leather together from the stock which is in a room attached to the workshop, still very practical. Just behind the dozens, even hundreds of leather all the colours.

leather goods

The workshop seen from the garden

Leather boutique workshop

The shop workshop

leather stock

Stock of leathers

For tailor-made orders, it is possible to Choose the fabric sewn inside my creations. A Large choice of fabrics Moved from the 4 corners of the world (really), from liberty to the fabric that I understand myself and have printed (if if), come and touch and choose.


also custom