Handmade leather handbag

sac à main cuir artisanal

sac à main bandoulière

You are looking for a handbag made of soft leather ? A handbag handmade for your special request ? CREATIONACC offers a large collection of handbags, with incredible colors. For special need, be free to ask her to adapt handbag to your need. Large flap, adjustable strap, new zip pocket. you can also personnalize fabric and leather color. It's just perfect !

Handbag, leather craft

sac à main cuir artisanal le cuir Choose a hand bag according to its color

Think of the craftsmanship. We are trying to be different. This is the credo of CREATIONACC. Fahsion inspires you ? You want to be trendy and be original ? Fed up with getting same bag as everyone else ? Need to get your own look ? Choose a leather handbag handmade to fit to your style. You can choose colors, leather softness. Of course, black color is an option you can find out in our collection.  But, dare to change, pick up other colors and opt for a new one. Black leather handbags are great, but not only. A new color is also fun, not only for special occasion .  Choose a camel color for example.

accessoire féminin look femme Everyday fashion, all circumstances

You need a handbag for everyday. Also, you can have many ones, for each event. One for evening, one for week, one for your red dress. According to situation, a large main pocket, no zip can fit. It's your turn, your choice. Your are the only one to know how must be designed and scaled your handbag to feel confortable with it.

A confortable crossbody strap for travel.