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 Simple, practical, lightweight – our leather crossbody bag is your perfect daily companion.

Explore our men's satchel, designed to be worn with style. Each satchel is meticulously handcrafted in our leather workshop in Rennes, France

Mens leather crossbody bags

Embrace the 70s vintage look with our soft, tanned, and recycled leather – you're getting a one-of-a-kind product. Select the color of your satchel and make it yours.

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"TURKU" - bag for men - Crossbody strap and fabric

Handbag, leather craft

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TURKU: That's the name of our leather messenger bag, and it's also the name of a city in Finland, another hub of design. What could be better for this urban messenger bag? At CREATIONACC, we have a deep appreciation for all things vintage. Our leather craftsmanship continues to reflect this sentiment, featuring a men's leather messenger bag inspired by the classic satchel. Take your time to select a pattern that truly resonates with your personal style. The interior of your satchel is an extension of your life—a cleverly designed space that can comfortably accommodate your camera, business cards, magnetic badge, and everything you need at your fingertips, thanks to thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments. Adjust the leather shoulder strap's length to suit your preferences, whether you prefer to carry it higher or lower on your body. We understand that your daily routine and needs can vary, and we want your TURKU leather messenger bag to be adaptable to your lifestyle." This translation aims to maintain the original message while making it more appealing to English-speaking readers and potentially improving its search engine optimization by incorporating keywords related to leather messenger bags and their features.

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Do you suffer from back taking your bag with you all the day long ? Thick leather may get bags heavier. Soft leather allow lightweight. WIth fabric lining, it lasts year after year.

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Shoulder bag

Each bag is handmade. In our workshop, we are trying to custom bags according to you wishes. Feel free to ask for a longer strap, new pockets. Not only leather and fabric must fit to you look. Ready to travel ? I called it "TURKU", a nice city in Finland I visited in 2006 in campervan. Hope your bag will travel as far.