An essential accessory for your daily life. This card holder will become your "practical" asset. We bet you! In poached  pants or a coat, it fits easily thanks to its adjusted dimensions, also small  than a loyalty card.

Womens card holder

Original and colorful, it allows you to store your vital card,  her Bank card, its restaurant vouchers card, and does so with elegance, surrounded by a colored elastic band that recalls the artisanal work combining leather and fabric.

Leather and fabric cardholder

Leather is tanned and will withstand wear better than any other material. Better, its patina will make it even more warm and pleasant to the touch.

Original leather cardholder

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  • Card holder - leather- elastic - original fabric - "Maripipi" folded : 10 cm * 6.5 cm

    Leather women cardholders handcrafted | 19€

    Women card holder

    design pouch As simple as a small cardholder

    An elastic wraps around small wallet. Only 2 fingers to open and close. Inside, 2 adjusted slots for cards, with fabric lining (6.5 x 10 cm). Slide it into your pant pocket, or a handbag . For gift or for your personal stuffs, a large sclae of colors are available. Match it to your colors. Small price, small shipping fees.

    wrapper gift
    fidelity card

    For men and women, all your cards

    Elastic wallet

    For men and women, all your cards

    porte carte cuir femme

    women leather cardholder

    women leather cardholder

    You look for a minimalist cover, for everyday and easy to take off your bag ? Choose the one which matchs with your colors, your bag. I make a point of offering a large scale of colors. No zipper, no clips. Just an elastic.

    naural skin

    Real leather, timeless material

    Real leather, timeless material Fabric is cheaper but won't last like leather. The fabric wears well, and the seams give way easily. For a everyday use , leather will be a better choice. Think about your style and play to match your cardholder with. Don't forget to take care of your leather with a cream. Cowhide leather is more resistant, lamb softer. It's up to you. womens cardholder
    fidelity card case
    fidelity card case

    Perfect cover for your cards

    handbag accessory

    Essential in your handbag

    Essential in your handbag