Custom leather wallet

For a personalized gift or for you, a custom wallet in the back pocket. Personnalized wallets are perfect to give as gifts, whether you plan a birthday surprise for an anniversary gift, for Mother's Day or Father's Day, for mom or dad, consider offering a unique present.
Let's have a discussion, you are talking with craftman herself, the premium custom service for free. Add a custom emboss, select color, even choose a leather more or less soft, change size. Price includes delivery, time spent together to agree with colors and modifications. It's still free shipping.
custom wallet
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Choose your wallet

step 2

Choose your colors

custom wallet
step 2

Choose leather and fabric

custom wallet
custom receipt
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How to
order ?

step 4

Personalized text or letters engraved

leather engraving

Engrave your initials

Engrave your wallet for free, I make myself with a special machine. Choose a short text orinitials to customize your gift. Unique because your color choice, unique thanks to a printing on it, unique thanks to your fabric choice. A personnalized present.


A 100% customizable wallet

I come along with you to help your choice. I send you pictures of matching leather and fabric and elastic. We choose together, I will guide you if you need any suggestions.Feel free to ask me about quality of the leather, soft or thick. A service as unique as my creations, as our creation.

monogramme engrave Engraving method

step 5

Let's imagine and create a 100% personalized wallet

special model
Design with your size