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Magasin et atelier de maroquinerie pour femme et homme à Rennes.


Anne-Cécile - the artisan

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Proud of my leather goods brand

I am proud of my French brand of small leather goods, handmade from A to Z, , in a quiet street next to a tannery mecca from the last century. Among all stores of the city, I receive at 5 min walk from downtown in my workshop by appointment. I welcome you for a privileged exchange with the possibility of touching the materials, the skins of cow or calf, to seek a particular fabric among several marks, more than 100 reasons. Next to the workshop, between the press and the dies, between the sewing machine and the scissors, a shelf of wallets sorted by color. So dare to call and push the door, it smells like leather. For your purchases, all means of payment are offered. Gift wrapping is available upon request. And if you want to exchange, I am always there to receive you.

In my artisanal company, I apply all my values: The proximity, exchange, an irreproachable quality, the personalization, a human and sympathetic e-commerce, the eco approach. This is what differentiates me from all other national brands.

adapt and create

Agile for you


From the designer to the consumer, the direct link, in the store or online.

I am especially proud to have grown up alone. The workshop, machines, prototypes, realization, sale, I am master of the chain from A to Z, which allows me to guarantee you the best care in the realization of the small leather goods and the best quality. Find all the fashion accessories of the everyday life in soft leather, from the handbag to the small card holder. This is also the service, a wide choice.

Hand cutting machine  workshop

Cutting of leather at the press (by hand of course)

die cut

A piece of leather cut with precision with a die

world trade

Do you find it normal not to know who makes the brand you buy?

Is it important to you to know who makes, how the items are distributed? Tired of robotic hotlines at the end of the phone? At the end of the phone, at AnneCecileCreation, you have the creator in person, directly from the leather goods workshop open to the public by appointment. When other brands outsource abroad, it's difficult to have this opportunity. Would you like to make an exchange, have an opinion and discuss it before ordering? For us, it's natural because all the models have been designed and made right here in Rennes. Leather wallets, handbags, card holders, everything is made in France by the craftsman who answers you. The choice of products online is also in the workshop store, open to the public, everything is here, leather bags and wallets of all colors! The store is perfect to hesitate between all the accessories, to get lost in the colors on the shelf. From the most trendy to the most classic, for men or women. I propose a large choice, the prices are the same. If you are a professional, do not hesitate to contact me for any particular request. There is not only the pleasure leather goods. The manufacture of parts for professionals is also possible.

Best effort for you

Best effort for you


Business woman, not only craft.

I fundamentally believe that you can do everything yourself, and the idea of having things done is not in my nature. I fundamentally believe that my advertising is you, that your satisfaction is above all my success. The website is me, the social networks are me, the leather recovery is me, the sewing is me, the smile is you (and me). I am not a DIY operator, but a DIM (Do it Myself) operator

region bretagne

Made in Bretagne

My workshop is in France, in Britany (a famous and lovely region very touristic) a city called Rennes.