CREATIONACC is engaged in an eco-friendly approach

engagement éthique
je recycle
An old jacket into handbag
faible impact environnement

Eco-friendly approach : limitation of the impact

Terre Happy
  • Forget those who for financial reasons choosed foreign factories, , don't forget articles are shipped to France by plane.
  • Forget brands you cross in every places, airports in the world, be sure footprint is maximal

portefeuille écologique

An old jacket into handbag

jeter dechet poubelle

Reccyle, select the best for a second life

Recycling is my first inspiration. I also recycle fabric.

A treasure in bin
Some companies are specialized in recycling clothes. Collect points in french cities, on the street are now common. "Le Relais", a french company washes, sell and upcycle shoes, jackets, pants...It helps employment, gives a second life to clothes, give a second chance to people unemployed. .

les vestes en cuir recyclées
Leather jackets to recycle

respect environnement

Green packaging

Each visiting card is made of recycling paper. No plastic to wrap articles, just an ecological gift paper.

paquet cadeau

Our engagement