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Proud of my french company

I'm proud of my company, handmade from A to Z

I make a point of getting all my values :
My calling : proximity, responsiveness, smile, invitating to travel, doing my best for everyone, a piece of humor, creativity, a sense of fashion and quality.


From the creator to the consumer, the local link

I am especially proud of having grown up all alone. Nestled in my house, I do every on my own. Many are trying to convince me that I need help. I make a point controling all steps of design, production and marketing. The making of a wallet or a small leather item is a true precision work. My creations are not made in INdia or Portugal. I'm the craftsman. I am customer support. I am designer. I am the seller. . Retrouvez tous les accessoires de mode du quotidien en cuir souple, du sac à main au petit porte-cartes. C'est aussi ça le service, un large choix.

Hand cutting machine  workshop

A manual leather press

Hand cutting machine  workshop

A manual leather press


Do you think it doesn't matter getting informations about the manufacturer ?

Is it important to know who will treat your command, how it's made and where she/he is located ?

Leather template cookie cutter

A piece of leather cut with a custom template

Make my own

Entrepeneur in heart

I believe in ma capacicty to make everything by myself. To be honest with myself, I can't afford a web agency, or any expensive service that would be very difficult to warrant. If I can learn, I can do myself Leather it's me, website it's me, wrapping it's me, dispatching it's me, design it's me, smile , it's you !

Brittany in france

Made in France

My workshop is in France, in Britany (a famous and lovely region very touristic) a city called Rennes More details in contact page.