Leather and fabric wallet : material sources


matériaux cuir tissu portefeuille

Des doublures en coton - aux motifs géométriques.


A leather skin, natural, soft, original

Each leather skin must be choosed according to its quality , mot important step before cutting, assembling, sewing your wallet. Anne-Cécile, the french creator loves matching colors . She makes a point of having a large collection of matching colors. Each wallet is selected from a large combination of fabric and skin. Welcome to the very craft place !



etape numéro 1

Source material : the best of leather

couleur cuir peau
stock cuir peau
veste vintage cuir
daim retourné

etape numéro 2 Lining fabric

etape numéro 3

Design fabric

tissu motif solex
etape numéro 4

Elastic color choose

couleur élastique