Recycling leather - Upcycle clothes

recycler une veste

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Recycling clothes into wallets

  • Recycling is the process converting old material into new products clothes to
  • Upcycling is creative reuse
Leather lifecycle is a real opportunity. Some of them are many decades old, but still in great conditions.

Jacket upcycling

An old jacket into handbag

leather jacket

Recycled leather, but also fabric

chemise coton recyclage

Cotton shirts

blagues à tabac 100% recyclées

100% recycled tobacco pouches

leather jacket

I give a second life to leather

leather jacket to recycle

Jackets to recycle

respect of environnment

environmental compliance

I act for environment, and help to reduce waste.

I belong to the official and public repairing actors directory, certified by a label "Repar'Acteurs".

Nevertheless, I travel a lot. Also to find incredible fabrics fabrics in Asia mainly. Follow me on social networks.

preserve nature

A coconut climber