Belt handbag

Small bag, hang it from your belt

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You are looking for a bag for night out on the town ? Just need small things along with you ? You look for benefits of both crossbody and waist bag ?
CREATIONACC creates small bags, a 2 in 1 handbag, easy to wear for each moment of your evening. Be dressed and feel free to go dancing as well.

A small handbag

"BULONE" - Small handbag - crossbody and waist - 20 cms.

Small handbag | 59€

small handmade handbag le cuir Small to store the minimum

The perfect dimensions to feel free to move, to take with you what you need. Store your wallet, a smartphone,, cigarettes, keys. A zipper pouch secure your money and precious things.

woman accessory look women Elegant, tiny, convenient for evening.

In addition to be cute, it is light and convenient. Allow you to choose a light dress, your handbag is lightweight. Choose your leather, one color for flap, one color for main pouch.

  • Waist strap
  • reduced size
  • 100% leather
  • custom it
  • Small price
  • 100% craft

A small handbag for going out in the evening

2 options

waist bag
step 1 ceinture

Waist band for your handbag

step  2 crossbody

A crossbody strap

crossbody bag