Vintage leather wallet

What vintage does mean ? Vintage is trendy, it inspires design in many areas. In leather goods, the Creationacc brand is anchored in thevintage spirit. Since its beginning in 2014, the style, the approach has been deeply inscribed in the return to the aesthetics of a other era. Numerous Vintage leather wallets are permanently online. Fashion effect today, so much the better for Anne-Cécile who develops a whole universe for lovers of things that last. We like to find forms of the past, undoubtedly in reaction to the evolution of the urban landscape scrambled by an architecture on the outskirts of cities without charm, by hideous subdivisions in the countryside. To be retro is to remember a form of freedom, an aesthetic that we regret. whatever the reason, nostalgia of childhood or taste of old objects offlea market, Creationacc is inspired by the past, revisit with style and a touch of modernity at any level. Exploration of a vintage brand modern.

Vintage photography

A vintage bike on a colorful wall


1. Vintage leather

1.1 recycled leather, naturally old

2. The fabric and its vintage patterns

2.1 Inspiration

2.2 The Solex, vintage vehicle

2.3 Fabric and my desires

Vintage leather.

You like showing yourleather wallet, the first gesture, undoubtedly unconscious, betrays a pleasure, a research. We pass the fingers on the skin, more or less tanned, that is to say used by the friction. We take advantage of its living aspect, which wears out by becoming smoother. Brand of time passing, leather is the ideal material for talking about an era, of the passing time.

Vintage leather wallet

A vintage leather wallet

Recycled leather, naturally old

The recycled leather is a leather already made. It is "used" leather. Already used in leather goods or clothes, it has already been cut, sewn, worked. By recovering the best parts, those that are not tanned or those who have a pretty patina, Anne-Cécile offers incredible leathers to the touch. Choose for their flexibility In order to make portfolios, they are also rare, and highly sought after by a connoisseurs clientele. The essence of a vintage wallet is this leather, which recalls that of our parents' wallets.

An old leather jacket from the 70s
An old leather jacket from the 70s

Used leather Decoupage
Cutting leather from a vintage jacket


The fabric and its vintage patterns

handbag with vintage leather and fabric

Handbag with vintage fabric

The fabrics are an obvious source of inspiration. You will discover how I am having fun of the patterns and how they echo period references.


vintage bike

Vintage bikes in Rennes

At Rennes, my city, as in all cities, just pay attention to find References to the past. Inspiration is everywhere and builds my tastes. A door of old car, checkered shirts, it's a projection game. Vintage is in me. With my husband, we bought a vintage vehicle, a SIMCA from 1960. It serves as a decoration for a few photos of handbags. More than a pleasure of the eyes, my habits and my hobbies are very linked to the market "second hand".

Back to the Sixties

Back to the Sixties

In Rennes, there is a tradition of garage sale very lively. Besides, the second largest clearance sale from France (after Lille) is in my neighborhood, in Saint-Martin. I have been going there since my childhood. As an enthusiast, I do not expect September to find these 2 days (reduced to 1 day recently ... Snif). From the spring, each district of Rennes scored its Sunday of strolling in the calendar. And I take full advantage of it. I buy clothes, shoes. When I am lucky, I also find leather or sewing tools.

Anne Cecile Retro

With an old flea market suitcase

The Solex, vintage vehicle

The solex is also part of my city. The largest Solex race in the world is in Rennes! I have been going there for 35 years! My friends, my cousins ​​won the race. I had the posters of each edition in my room. Later, I met my future husband. He discovered the Rock'N Solex race with his engineering school friends, and with them participated in 2 editions. At the forefront to encourage it, of course! In my parents' garage, there were also 2 Solex. Today, I have my solex, my son has his, and my husband drives regularly when time lends itself to it. Find my Solex creations here.


On my solex

It is therefore quite natural that I decided to create a Solex fabric.

Solex tobacco joke

Solex tobacco joke

Fabrics and my desires

To find association ideas, you will see, I am inspired by this vintage universe. Is this fabric reminiscent of a large American grille? My club chair, in the family since the 1940s has been recently renovated (not by me this time). I imagined a reader with the same leather and a bicycle fabric.

Fabric grille

Vintage fabric

Vintage bike fabric

The club chair and its reader

Club chair

A series of checking holder on the family club chair

also custom
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