Bespoke bag

You have one Bag or handbag leatherwear? You've been looking for the perfect bag. Alas, despite spending so much time browsing designer models Leather products You had an idea for the perfect bag, but ultimately you couldn't find it. If you ask Custom Package -Hmm? If you could choice Number of pockets colour Leather, fabric lining, belt length? CreationAcc provides design and implementation services individualization For your favorite fashion accessory. Anne-Cécile is designed in the most suitable size. For gifts or yourself, this is the most personal choice. in addition Price Service is minimal, why waste time looking for things that don't already exist?

Pink leather handbag

Pink handbag


1. Shoulder bag or handbag

2. Customized leather products project

3. Engrave his name on the bag

Shoulder bag or handbag.

The customization package starts with model selection:

  • handbag
  • Small shoulder bag
  • Large shoulder bag


leather handbags

leather handbags

You like this style Bohemia, casual, you are looking for a bag to carry something with you. That's good. The term handbag simply refers to a handbag. Car keys, groceries, sunglasses, spare clothes, magazines, nothing could scare him. It is usually made of cotton and is cheap, and has been popular for several years. The store even treats it as a gift. The museum gives it a sense of fashion. He is comfortable everywhere. He is very modern. Why not? individualization This package icon? Annececile Creation is made of 100% leather, giving a noble feeling. Simple, elegant, and original. Its price is still very affordable and won't wrinkle. We maintain the spirit of economy. A smart housewife likes to pack her bag, and she will love it. In addition, its recycled leather is ecologically responsible.

Small shoulder bag

Leather bag with fabric

>Fabric lined pockets

With his Adjustable belt Length, SA Fabric liningIts back zippered pocket and slightly open appearance can cause more than one to collapse. It is large enough to accommodate daily necessities, but is limited to downsizing to fit harmoniously on your silhouette. Completely handmade, with Leatherwear more or less flexibleIt's your decision.

Large shoulder bag

Dahe small handbag

2 sizes, same model

His brother regained the same shape, same features, but larger dimensions. There are adjustable straps and pockets.

Customized leather products project.

I accompany you in thinking and Design From your bag. From one of the three existing models, I can add or Modify the pocket. Of course, the most important thing is Selection of leather"I will send you leather photos, and I suggest you" flexibility This will allow the bag to have more or less clothingI collect cloth. Among the 100 possibilities, I will provide you with leather related options. Your hands are very good.

Selection of leather and fabric

Photos sent via email for selection together

Price of customized package :

  • Small shoulder bag: 110 euros
  • Large shoulder bag: 130 euros
  • Leather handbag: 90 euros

Engrave his name on the bag

Carve his name on the bag. What else is more personal? Internal or external, as you choose. And it's free. Two complete sets of alphabetic lowercase letters allow me to heat carve your name. Enjoy it, This is free!

Names engraved on leather

Gold Leaf Carving of Names on Leather

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