5 men's leather wallet gift ideas

A leather wallet for man on Christmas?

Choising a leather wallet is not a thin business. A lot of marks, many models, leather craftsmen who all decline the urges and reinvent the storage for a model masculine which often meets the same characteristics. Often black with 2 shutters and many storages for cards, the model that everyone imagines may not be yours.

We're offering you aoffer here 10 original wallets, as the holidays approach, from the soberest to the subversive. The pleasure is in the fabric! surprisesJust open up!

the man black leather wallet

A black wallet all-in-one



1. A sober, dressed model of geometric fabric

2. A brown wallet with a printed leather

3. A portfolio for big children

4. A kamasutra cover art

5. A trendy man portfolio

A sober, dressed model of geometric fabric

classic black leather wallet

A soft leather and a black fabric

Le man black leather wallet, an accessory of mode, a timeless one that fits into a story. 2 shutters, pockets for cards, a location on the whole width for tickets. Fine seams and a black cloth liner. AnneCecileCreation dresses this model "CLASSIC" with a touch of tissue. The leather is flexible, and its 2 pockets for cards will not fail to accommodate at least 15 cards.

Interior and detail

A wallet made of printed brown leather

man brown leather wallet

A brown leather with printed writings

LAnother classic of themode, an unmodelable some of whom don't want to go out. For a little nuanced gift, AnneCecileCreation reinvents it with a inlaid leather of cyrillic writings, slightly tanned, and in the aspect vintage.

Interior and detail

A portfolio for big children

teen leather wallet

comics portfolio

LDad's wallet, we don't want it! "super hero", it's the return to comics, to childhood.

"We want color, fantasy, comics!"

Interior and detail

Offer a rascal cover

adult coquine wallet

kamasutra tobacco cover

ODare, we dare! A kamasutra fabric that you can always consult if you have no inspiration. A form of think-beast to the manhoodA nod. A gift full of hormones to be sure of.

Interior and detail

A trendy man portfolio

man portfolio leather trend

hipster wallet

Hipster, barbu, moustachu, here's your vintage wallet! The pile is in the honor. Notice to all moustache enthusiasts, year thirty or twenty-first century. all-in-a purse and wallet hides under its shutters a cloth with naive and monochrome patterns. A treat, to whom loves the safe hairs.

Interior and detail

"To your marks, ready offer!" 

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