A custom bag, your color, your size

A fashion changes all the time because our desires fluctuate. Why not a handbag for each season, for every occasion, for each mood? Let us dare to follow our desires and grant the bag. Anne-Cécile is leather and creates bags with all colors. From her inventiveness, she enriches her collection and regularly offers new models.

“Fashion is a woman, therefore capricious. »»

So what bag will I take with me tonight?

Evening leather handbag

Night and nature atmosphere



1. A chic or relaxed evening?

2. A dinner in town.

3. A luxury bag in second hand

4. Conclusion

A chic or relaxed evening?

Coose ahand clutch. In addition to being discreet, an accessory with reduced dimensions is very suitable for the evenings of gala, in a glamorous dress. Do you want to persuade it? Focus on the outfits when the Cannes steps climb for example. Dare to red with the slumped dress, any connection with the star carpet. A fine strap is as practical as it is elegant. And why not removable?

  • hand clutch
  • fine and removable shoulder
  • Red glitter leather

Red leather hand clutch

removable shoulder

A dinner in town

chicken leather

Advantage of leather is that it is possible to recreate all aspects, all the patterns in the skin itself. There are imitations of crocodile or ostrich leather, leathers velvet By turning the epidermis of the skin. There are also grained, and even silver sequins, leathers with polka dot patterns. Learn more in the article on Types of leather. For an evening in town, in a restaurant in dim light, you may fall for the leather chicken foot matching black. This reason from Scotland in the 1880s is now a fashion must dedicated by the magazine Vogue in the 1930s. Surprising, right?

A luxury bag in second hand

The second -hand article sales sites are increasing. And for good reason, they allow everyone to buy fashion accessories formerly inaccessible. You can even go on a few exceptional things. A Chanel or Vuitton bag why not? There are several opportunities for to please yourself On the occasion, excuse the pun. In addition to being painless for the wallet, recycled is perfectly part of the vintage trend of the time. The sneakers of the 80s exploded the sales meters of specialized brands in the years 2010. It's chic, it's economical, it's fun. But it is not only the Internet in life, many deposits have specialized in luxury. They are found in all cities. Be alternative, be retro, be original.

" Fashion fades, only style remains "


Women know, a bag is not just an accessory. You have to have several to agree with your life, your time and the circumstances. From the smallest who holds in his hand to the most sophisticated, there will always be an opportunity. And for small scholarships, think of the second hand.

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