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The perfect handbag


Aa handbag is a big deal. You are rather a single bag for everything or changing like your many finds waiting for the opportunity to go out? You are looking for a small handbag but handy time, and still quite bulky, and with pockets .... not to mention that it fits as many outfits as possible?

Here's a suggestion. The bag that works with almost anything, which you can choose without fear of never being able to use it, the bag that resists the mania of change. 


brown leather handbag slung over the shoulder

brown natural leather handbag





1. The handmade handbag that goes with everything does not exist but...

2. Choose a designer bag

The handmade handbag that goes with everything does not exist but...


PSurprise ace: I recommend you opt for a brown bag, a design and a cut all-rounder.Think of leather and suede married together. Choose a bag with a shoulder strap, preferably adjustable. Keep an eye on the finishes, let them be flawless. Finally, don't neglect your comfort: a wide strap so you don't shear your shoulder. At ease with the bag on the hips, hands free to look with both hands. In addition, it is a safety asset, especially when you subway or bus.

Why a brown bag?

Le brown, and all its variants, camel, cream, beige, taupe is a color that blends with other colors such as black, gray, or navy blue, white, ... Popular color? Yes. But this brown, this taupe color will never have the same reflection depending on the material, the leather. Popular color among women without a doubt: Tailor or relaxer, jeans sneakers or blouses, coat or jacket, it fits in any way. Exceed your style, it will combine.

Why a minimalist design?

Le chichi of the 80s did not leave in your photo albums the desire to bring them out? To last, you have to be simple, easy to match the clothes. Prefer a bag with rigid shapes. for soft leathers, you have to think about filling it well. And then the star is you, not the bag. Don't let him give himself all the respects! 


Comfortable and practical: the double! 


shoulder bag

AnneCecileCreation brown handmade shoulder bag


FIdele companion it will stick you day and night. He has to have all the qualities. In addition to being beautiful, it will have to withstand wear, the whims of storage, and the desire to slip everything, and the challenges are many. Wallet, wallet, keys, grigri, mirror, pliers or even water bottle. Fortunately, 2 interior pockets and an exterior zipper are here to help.

Choosing a designer bag


Je am creator of quality handbags, I go out of my way to make with you the bag of your dreams., In my online shop, section handmade handbag, they are small, large, colorful, leather goods accessorieslimited edition. Then travel with me. Besides, my accessories borrow their name from places that often make you dream. Search on google maps!

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