The hardest part is choosing your colour.

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the choice of coloured leathers

suitcase full of AnneCecileCreation wallet



The new leathers

CYear, AnneCecileCreation had another fun. Fantastic leathers are now available in an expanded collection, and always at a very low price.

Recycling is always at the heart of the process. Sublime skins recovered from jackets.


recycling leather jackets

Leather jackets to recycle



In addition to recycled leather, the workshop has acquired more than 60 skins with extraordinary colors.

Skins collection 2019

Leather stock




What's new

La Christmas star is unquestionably the wallet.


Animation of the wallet



 For men and womenThere's something for everyone. Open them, the surprise is inside.


all-color wallets

AnneCecileCreation wallet


Handmade leather handbags

LFinishes are at the rendezvous. The adjustable strap. The detail, the choice of leathers and always the style.
An example of handmade handbag recently on sale:
taupe handbag

brown leather handbag


brown leather shoulder bag


The classics

The portfolio with built-in wallet


Always elastic, leather and fabric. Practical, stylish, durable.


wallet wallet wallet all leather

portfolio "pamilacan"



orange leather coin holder


wallet wallet handy in leather

portfolio "pamilacan" : 44€



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