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You have a notebook or one agenda paper to protect ? Looking for elegant and sustainable coverage to recharge it ? CreationAcc proposes a design and realization service personalized For your precious notebooks, notebook, health book, notebooks, correspondence and other agendas. That you are looking to buy a document protector format A4 Or in Letter format, Anne-Cécile designs the highest measures. Small illustration with a realization in leather recycled choice for a notebook MoleskineTo recharge: The notebook protector designed for cards, style and papers adjusted their format.

Plan protects leather notebook

Plans of custom notebook protector


1. A notebook protector moleskine and more

2. The choice of leather and fabric

3. 2 notebooks and a pencil holder

4. Zipper or card holder


A notebook protector Rechargeable moleskine and more.

TOut starts with a stress of size: the format! The Moleskine notebook measures 13cm x 21cm. The thickness counts as much. Unless you have the carnet protector planned dimensions From your notebook, it is risky to buy a more or less standard accessory and to which is required to be adjusted to the measurements and a millimeter. What's more, if we want to add pockets for business cards, a "round" leather to slip the pen, so to say that the search may take time. To answer this request, Anne-Cécile took his pencils and imagined a adapted template thought to be recharged and endure daily use. The elastic that is red in his collection is always present. Simplicity, elegance, details.

The choice of leather and fabric to protect its newspaper.

Evit to damage his newspaperIt's good, but provided it's your image. The recycled leather quickly imposed. I had in stock a brown skin Recently recovered on a vintage jacket. Flexible, end, in the tanned aspect that we try to copy in the industry, this leather naturally had all the charms of a materials which one chooses for a valuable object like a newspaper. I also owned a japanese fabric Magnificent. Blue waves, fine graphics, an exotic poetry trait. Blue and brown wedding, I'm not afraid to mix these 2 colors.

Japanese leather and fabric

a recycled vintage brown leather wedding and japanese cotton fabric

2 notebooks and a pencil holder

2 Shutters allow to slide 2 moleskine notebooks. Thanks to a leather slide that overlaps these 2 main pockets, it is possible to predict 3 slots to slide the business cards. With the pencil holder on the slice of the document protector, it is an optimized arrangement that conccentters everything necessary to take notes and communicate with a client. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the nobility of the materials and the elegant effect of such a beautiful object.

Protect Leather Document

A specific arrangement to store cards, pencil and notebooks

pencil case

pencil case

CREATIONACC style and price

THEe style CreationACC is always respected. A red elastic flushes leather and allows the closing of the notebook protector. No zipper, no clips. 2 fingers are enough to open it and close it. Once completed, the coverage remains elegant. No disgraceous thickness.

the price a Custom pocket is as low as those of store creations. It includes e-mailing, the board, the gift package. Find price examples on online templates in the page tailored. So do not hesitate.

Custom leather cover for notebook

Slim and elegant outside

PROTEGE Cahier 2 Shutters

Thin and elegant inside

Zipper or cards for cards

Customized notebook cover with zipper

The choice of all the details

THEAdvantage of a tailor-made achievement is that the creator is you. You choose the fabric and leather, the zipper, the pockets for the cards, the place for each storage in order to Drag your documents a very precise size. It is completely adapted. You will be surprised at the speed of execution, the ease with which to communicate with the craftsman. For each embodiment, the Creator realizes a prototype to validate the dimensions, access to the notebooks (as here for a notebook measuring 13cm x 21cm), the right balance between maintaining and mobility.

  • 2 notebooks
  • zipper
  • a leather ring for pencil
  • pockets for cards
  • a prototype to validate the dimensions

leather ring pencil

location for pencil

Cover for 2 Custom Notebooks

2 shutters, 1 zip, pockets for cards and more ...

Cover for flexible leather notebook

Flexible and fitted leather

japanese fabric

Japanese fabric

A health book protector

If you have other specific needs, a health book, an agenda Quo Vadis, a notebook exatime or another brand, I adapt. Contact me. mail button

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