The leather pencil case

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To the middle of everyday leather accessories, CreationCAC redesigned the school kit. Looking for a convenient, simple, elegant wallet? Easy to open, with a unique style? Here is the new model. Always lined with fabric, it fits in line with other models in the collection. Whether you are a student or professional, it welcomes your precious pencils. We opened it here for you.

Leather Kit for Schoolboy

The schoolchildcket kit for pencils



1. Minimalist, light and stylish

2. Customizing the color of the leather

Minimalist, light and stylish.

TheA leather kit with perfect proportions. Whether you are an architect, in education, or simply brought to hand writing, the kit allows you to store the right necessary.

The essential in a small kit

  • pencils
  • rubber
  • sharpener

At home or office, in clientele or in a schoolbag, it is both elegant and practical. The elastic endures daily manipulations.

Inside, depending on the models, a fabric that plays with desires. This is the opportunity to hide inside a little fantasy when the outside takes a sober color.

Optimized to hold in the hollow of a hand, its dimensions are nevertheless generous in the main pocket. Up to 15 pens, what to work in all colors.

pencils in the kit

Color pencils tidyed.

Customizing your case with your color of the leather

The 'idea is not new. You want a personalized kit. You want to choose your leather, more or less flexible, a particular color, even patterns. The leather offers all these possibilities and the wide choice offered by the brand allows you to exactly have the holster you are looking for for your bag.

"I'm looking for a color, a soft kit, an elastic with my colors. It's possible. »

 Fantasy leather kit

A colorful kit with fantasy leather

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