Famous smokers, inspirations and disappearances

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When smoking was trending

Fashion or tradition, young or not so young? Famous smokers Inspire the new generation. A look in the retro. Vintage ticket.

Famous smoker

Georges Brassens, pipe smoker's icon



1. The pipe, old and new way of life

2. The most illustrious pipe smokers

2.1  At the cinema

2.2   The endangered cigarette

2.3  Info or intox

The pipe, old and new way of life

hipster smoker

The pipe, a new trend?

La pipe, an accessory Mode in its day, a social marker. The object is precious, made of a material Noble, worked by the best Craftsmen. Hipsters are now taking over the accessory to make a gesture considered an art (of living) last. Dad's object is not dead. Not yet.

Would it be cool to smoke a pipe? The new Generation is at least trying to exercise. Neat beard, Look worked, beautiful fabrics and fragrance. We revisit, we surf the wave Vintage. The qualifier is positive: distinguished, aesthete, bon vivant.

Are new pipe smokers looking into the revival of images that now print our memories? 

A brief overview of the illustrious figures, in the image of assumed smokers.

The most illustrious pipe smokers

Bernard Blier smokes

Bernard Blier, pipe lover.

Bernard Blier, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Gearges Brassens, Jacques audiard, , José Bové, Georges Simenon, Anatole France, Orson Wells, Lech Walesa, Jacques Brel,Pierre-Gilles de Gennes.

At the cinema

Awhile the Evin law comes to erase from advertisements the cigarette and the pipe, it was all the small and the big screen that, like a mirror of society, sent our idols back to their habits.

Jacques Tati , the pipe in standard was almost iconic.  

Remember again the adventure is the adventure of Lelouch. A bunch of rogue and friendly friends and the character of Jacques Brel as smoky as smoking.

Jacques Brel in adventure is adventure

Jacques Brel in adventure is adventure

Jacques Brel without excess

Jacques Brel without excess

The endangered cigarette


Comnot to mention Sherlock Holmes, character so bolted to his slide-shaped accessory that it is now difficult for a director to bend to the law of the Disappearance

"Those who are under 20" as Aznavour would say.... In any case, those who have experienced the "chichi" years tell of a time when celebrities, even politicians, debated on the small screen, the cigarette in the beak.

Jacques Chirac smokes on TV

Jacques Chirac, smoking during a televised debate

Info or intox?

A article of the new obs tells us that there could be a question of banning smoking within books. How is it possible to make Disappear the tobacco of fiction? 

Pigeac: "It is time to put an end to the poisonous seductions of the insidious romanticism that accompanies this form of addiction among the heroes of novels."

Is this really serious? Would the new Obs play with our fears of French people attached to freedom of expression? I'll let you get an idea of the seriousness of the article for yourself.

Does Houellebecq imagine his eponymous hero Michel going without a cigarette after 2 pages salty to something other than iodine?

Houellebecq smoker

Michell Houellebecq on the occasion of the release of his Roman "Serotonine"


Is culture going up in smoke? 

In any case, this article was not published on April 1. 

Get your own smoking pocket to smoke, no need to be famous. 

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