Why buying a wallet made in France?

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Nour customers know no borders. At ACC Création, however, the portfolio claims its cockade, its local birth label for a purchase  responsible. The creations are available by color, by material and choice of fabrics. From materials to accessories, including the location of the workshop, everything is done in France, in Brittany. But why buya product made in thehexagon ?  

wallet made in France

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1. Labels and standards

2. The carbon footprint

3. Support French employment

 actor repar label

logo label Repar'Acteur

French labels and standards

Lquality first. In France, there is no shortage of labels and appellations. We must reassure the consumer. Who does not know the title of « Meilleur Ouvrier de France"? There is now a museum in the heart of Paris  dedicated to the excellence of craftsmanship. The Gobelins Factory Museum and its famous gallery are located in the 13th arrondissement. I especially recommend the videos projected in the alcove at the back of the gallery. We would spend hours there marveling at the techniques used to make unique pieces of wood, metal or any other material. "made in France" sells, undeniably.

AnneCecileCreation is a member of the network Repar'Acteur, of the chamber of arts and crafts. The missions in which she finds herself:

  • extend the use of objects,
  • save raw materials, water and energy
  • limit the transport of new products and the release of greenhouse gases
  • reduce waste generation

 carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint

Formule in vogue in the XXI century especially, the carbon footprint  invades our newspapers. It is calculated by evaluating the cost of transport, including the raw material. For a product designed in France but made in China, the balance sheet is worse, especially if the quantities are minimal. And this is often the case for the big brands that produce cheaply in Asian countries.Let's buy local.

At ACC Création, the raw material never goes more than 50 km before being used at the Rennes workshop. New leather is bought around Rennes, recycled leather is picked up at the Relais or in sell-out stores local. The loop is short  in any case, the carbon footprint at the lowest.

 sewing machine

Sewing machine

Support French employment

Cis a cliché, you will excuse me, but a product made by a Frenchman benefits employment national. Besides the direct return on investment, it is even more profitable when the GAFA, Amazon or Ebay, do not short-circuit the consumer / producer link. What is more, our craftsmen have talent, many training schools. Let us maintain this virtuous loop. Speech on the left or on the right, that is not the point. Whether we look at it from a global or individual point of view, whether we talk about productivity,growth  or the lives of artisans, the strategy is the same.

“Today, buying“ made in France ”motivates less than 20% French according to a study by Supply Chain Purchasing group of HEC alumni»

I refer you to a article which evoked the loss of know-how  in the vegetable tanneries of certain regions such as Mazamet, near Castres, in France. It is a real risk in the face of competition. Leather lovers have tried to promote this work of tanning, by creating a label, but it has now disappeared.

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