Different types of rolling tobacco

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The Tobacco to rolling is tobacco bulk that the user places inside the paper to roll and burns. It's a combustible tobacco product. The majority of smokers prefer to buy pre-rolled cigarettes, but many more experienced smokers often prefer to roll their own cigarettes by hand.

"The taste of tobacco varies from one person to another"

Whether you are an experienced smoker or a beginner smoker, it's worth considering driving your own tobacco to live a more enjoyable experience.

Tobacco to rolling yourself

Bulk tobacco


1. Why should you roll your own tobacco?

1.1 Knowledge of content

1.2 Control of your tobacco consumption

1.3 Affordable prices

2. The different types of tobacco driving

3. To tobacco

Why should you roll your own tobacco?

VICOICI The main reasons for which should choose to tobacco to rolling:

Knowledge of content

The main reason for choosing tobacco to roll is that there is almost no doubt about what you consume. A commercial cigarette package may contain thousands of chemicals when burned, some of which are known to cause cancer. However, rolling your own tobacco, you can be serene knowing that you will not inhale acetone, formaldehyde, benzene or one of the fatal substances of a commercial cigarette.

Control of your tobacco consumption

Of course, commercial cigarettes do not only contain these harmful chemicals. They also have a lot of tobacco. But the amount of tobacco depends on the brand. This is not the case of rolling tobacco. You can control the amount of bulk tobacco that enters the rolling paper. You will be able to smoke less. Indeed, rolling bulk tobacco is a task that takes time; This constitutes a good alternative for those who try to stop, or at least reduce their consumption. Smokers who roll their own cigarettes can choose their own ingredients and select products adapted to their needs and preferences.

Affordable prices

Rolling tobacco are much cheaper than a commercial cigarette, so you can save a pack of money every year adopting it. In addition, rolling tobacco to reduce your tobacco consumption, helps you more to Save your money.  

"Tobacco to roll, cheaper than the cigarette because less tax, conquers of year in year more and more followers, especially young people"

The different types of tobacco driving

IThere are several mixtures of rolling tobacco using different tobacco, drying techniques and cutting types. Sometimes additives such as sugar, glycerol and fruit aromas are added.

  • Rolling tobacco American which is usually a mixture of national tobacco and / or imported and air dried.
  • Mixtures Virginia or Light which are mainly composed of Virginia tobacco.
  • Rolling tobacco Smootball Who adds tobacco from Georgia to a light mixture.
  • Rolling tobacco Halfzware, which means "heavy half" in Dutch, is a combination of tobacco to rolling Light and Zware, today called Stevige or Volle.
  • The Turk which is a mixture consisting mainly of Turkish tobacco as YENIDJE, Samsun, Bafra, etc.
  • Zware , which means "heavy" in Dutch, consists mainly of Kentucky, Lattaquié and Paraguay dried to fire.

To tobacco

Si You want to start rolling cigarettes for yourself, but you do not know where to start, it's a good idea to take the time to think about ingredients. When you start rolling your own cigarettes, you may need to try different types of rolling paper and tobacco before finding the perfect combination. The rolling papers can be purchased at tobacco stores with tobacco to rolling.

«A good rolling paper made from natural materials improving the quality of the smoking experience"

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