How to humidify tobacco to roll?

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The bulk tobacco requires taking care of it. How to prevent it from mold? How to prevent it from drying? Consumers are increasingly adopting this bulk product to consume it. However, everyone does not know good practices. If you want to enjoy your tobacco long, it will take care of it.

"The good moisture content to enjoy a long time of aromas"

In addition to the taste, know that a well moistened tobacco lasts longer.

Dry rolling tobacco

Bulk tobacco



1. Conventional humidification methods

2. A good moisture content

3. How to keep his tobacco?

4. Conclusion

Conventional humidification methods

VOTRE TOBACCO is too dry. Can not roll it. Here are simple methods for humidifying it. Users say refresh. Here are 2 simple techniques:

  • Always wet, the foam sponge Is probably the most effective way to rest the moisture of a stale tobacco.
  • In your storage pot, insert a wet cloth. In less than 24 hours, the tobacco will have regained his freshness.
  • Citrus skins are quite efficient. Always in an airtight container, place zetes, lemon or orange will do the trick. The potato, or even carrot are also recommended by some smokers.

To find flavors and perfumes, a good moisture content

cigarette tobacco

THEe main benefits to keep his fresh tobaccois to enjoy all its aromas. To feel the aromas, it takes first and foremost a product or too dry, or too wet. Too dry, it irritates in addition the respiratory tract. If he is too wet, he will lose his flavor, and you will lose pleasure. Tobacco does not lose its perfumes so easily, do not dispose of tobacco pot funds to be rolled under the pretext that what tobacco hardly is worth it. To maintain its freshness and taste qualities, a good degree of moisture is required. Take into account the weather, climate. Under the tropics or on the beach in the summer, it will deserve all your attention.

« 69% moisture content, the ideal rate! "

How to keep his tobacco?

THEe Tobacco driving knows a growing success. But all consumers do not know good habits to keep it. A package lasts often longer than a pack of cigarettes. If you want to enjoy up to the last rolled cigarette, you will need to follow some tips.

"Tobacco joke is used very easily, in addition it keeps the grass very well."

Smokers praise more and more. Among young and old, in the pocket of Jean, or in a purse, the tobacco pouch is transported everywhere. In addition to being practical, it respects the product. The oldest were made with pork cheek. Today, in fabric, or leather, it allow good conservation while adapting to modes and uses. The pockets wrap with a lace on themselves. The air does not pass almost anymore. This is the same principle as for the waterproof bags that are wound on them even at the end. In addition to having an ability not to let the air pass, they make it possible to store the lighter, the leaves to roll. This all-in-one case adds to the size of the packets of 30 or 40 grams sold commercially. Opt for this accessory!

Other solutions
  • a ceramic pot which also protects from light.
  • A cigar boxor even a cigar cellar
  • a stone humidifier Ceramic. Soak in the water in the prelax


The smokers are looking for taste, flavors. Before changing tobacco, questioning the quality of your, take a little time to check it. Well preserved, it will keep a freshness that will guarantee you the best experience. If you have neglected conservation, think of a tobacco joke, it is a practical solution that will respect the first qualities of your product.

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