How carrot became the sign of tobacco offices

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In CREATIONACC's shop, the tobacco pouch  are sold online. No obligation to display the famous rhombus emblem, the carrot tobacco that the regulars of bars-tobacco know well. For resellers, since 1906, it is an obligation to equip the facade of this carrot. Light, LED, with or without the word tobacco, it has become intriguing. What are its origins ? Why this red form so characteristic?

carrot tobacco in the street

A carrot tobacco in the street



1. The ficted leaves

2. Red neon

The ficted leaves

On stores the chewing or prize leaves for a consumption reserved for the high society from the sixteenth century, the first tobacco consumers were chewers (and sniffers). To sell them, the dried and twisted leaves are held by a roller string, hence the carrot shape.

The carrot is grated, the leaves preserved in rolls too. It is not necessary to bet that language has seized the term.

Ficelery leaves

Fceelled tobacco leaves

Red neon

The signage illuminates from a constant red our dark streets at night. Is this the same orange color of carrots that illuminates the devantures of the resellers? Although brown formerly, the color is now part of the bonds, just like the lighting and the word tobacco. But recently, it changes.

"With Decree No. 2020-150 of 20 February 2020, the tricolor rhombus is authorized, and the word tobacco is no longer an obligation for cigarette and tobacco resellers. »

 selling tobacco

A neon red carrot

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