Tobacco, new habits (and other pleasures)

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Pleasure or habit? 

smoking cigarette pleasure

pleasure to smoke, is it a reality?



1. Cigarette and good meal

2. The smoky bars

Uthing is certain, the smoker claims pleasure. However, he will acknowledge that the first DragThe first puff recalls a memory, a memory of pleasure. But how many other taffes and cigarettes during the day provide this conscious and attentive feeling?  

Is pleasure also hidden in the ability to become aware of its effects? If so, it runs out of steam (no pun clet), objectively. 

For Philippe Delerm, cigarette smoke is not one of the tiny pleasures of his book "The First Sip of Beer and Other Tiny Pleasures". 

So cigarette, tiny pleasure? habit or reality?

The Pleasure of the Cigarette After a Good Meal

cigarette after meal

a good meal, a cigarette

The addiction created by the brain

Et if the memory of this wonderful meal dictated the search for pleasure? Our braincombines pleasure with gesture. Pleasure is a quest, an exploration of remembrance in Smell Of the Nicotine and the sensations. 

In addition to pleasure, it is a whole interweaving of emotions that sets in motion this unconscious association, a distant echo that the brain demands.

To hell with the explanation, the "good living" will say, the pleasure is there.

Wouldn't the brain, this elusive machine, be driven by habit?  A study found that the first cigarette was repulsive, disgusting to almost all smokers. 

This cigarette that you enjoy today, do you really like to feel this smoke falling into your lungs?

But the smoker will tell you anyway, it's a pleasure, renewed. 

Pleasure in community

smoking bar party

pleasure with boyfriend or training?

Plonely, but group fun Also.

The pleasure of smoking would therefore be part of the memory of good times shared with those around him. Group dynamics, which also communicate through their actions, no doubt encourage stowed into imitating friends, a way of existing in a community, of feeling legitimate, of causing signs of belonging.

The entry into tobacco is done in adolescence, age under significant influence of entourage. The average age of the first cigarette is 13 years. Smoking at this age means managing one's emotionality, rapidly changing in adolescence, tagging boredom and anxiety. 

Don't go! This is not a ticket to scare. Tobacco prevention fills google pages, that's a good thing, but not the point here. We are talking about habit, period, behavioral changes. A state of affairs.

The smoky bars

smoky evening bar

The smoky bar atmospheres

L're Habits have changed. For the fortysomethings who experienced student evenings where you couldn't see it from 5 meters away, it's ancient history. And it must be said, the habit has spread among individuals. A form of respect for the entourage perhaps. As much as the Bars, the nightclubs that the apartments of friends, we abstain. 

As a result, smoking is out. Cold in winter. The party is now on a balcony and even in winter. And with the upcoming ban on outdoor heating, you will have to motivate yourself even more in (small) group on a balcony. "The old man!"

We can always tell ourselves that on our balcony, in the cold, even in the rain, we make the atmosphere while the neighbors stay warm at home! 

Why don't we look on the bright side? Clothes that stink of tobacco when they return at 4 a.m. ... yes, mean. Was it better before? 

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