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Cigarette making in Asia

Uno idea often shared by young smokers would be that roll-your-own tobacco is less harmful  for health. Misleading communication, avoidance strategy, misconception? Even if the price promises to be the main argument, we hear consumers blow this idea. Received idea or more or less conscious lie, this article plunges us into the fog to know if there is or not smoke without fire.



1. What is roll-your-own tobacco?

1.1 Bulk, more or less coarse

1.2 The composition of roll-your-own tobacco

2. Rolling tobacco and health

2.1 An equation with 2 variables, temperature and settlement

Rolling tobacco, less harmful than cigarettes?

Rolling tobacco, different shapes and compositions.

roll-your-own tobacco

A cigarette prepared "by hand"

Bulk, more or less coarse

FSmell of pipe or cigarette, cigar or shisha, the product must be adapted. For the chicha  for example, tobacco comes in chips to be burned by a charcoal fire. For the smoking pipe, the oxygen called into the stem directly consumes the fibers. I refer you to a full article making a pipe  in this same blog.

Compressed by a utensil, or delicately placed on a cigarette paper, it is its combustion mode that will decide the compaction.

Stronger or weaker? The composition of roll-your-own tobacco.

For pipes or cigarettes, keep in mind that there will be nicotine anyway and that toxic scents, such as carbon monoxide will be released anyway. In addition to nicotine, you have to rely on additives added by the manufacturer. Each brand is thus distinguished between a rate ranging from 2 to 10% of additive which is not without consequence on the absorption of fumes in the body. A summary table of dosages  lists the numbers in question.

roll-your-own tobacco fibers

Rolling tobacco fibers

Rolling tobacco and health

rolling tobacco and health

Vintage goodies

Eis roll-your-own tobacco less harmful than tobacco industrial  ? The subject is to be taken at both ends. The tobacco itself, and how to smoke it.

An equation with 2 variables, temperature and settlement

burnt tobacco

burnt tobacco

Premier clue, the term "light" has been banned. Light cigarette, light tobacco  should no longer be used by manufacturers on their products. Because at the end of the equation, you have to wonder if a loose tobacco, as light as it is, will diffuse as many toxic agents as a so-called industrial calibrated, dosed cigarette. The legislator has decided: once the combustion  and especially the temperature  of it, once the fact that a consumer is going less tamp  fibers, it appears that the smoke from a "handmade" cigarette is more harmful. Exit the term light, misleading. So the equation is this:

Less packed tobacco + Higher combustion temperature  = More toxic smoke.

Google will give pride of place to many articles that will explain to you that chicha is no less dangerous, that tar inhaled by rolled cigarettes, cigars is all the more important, etc.

cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke

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