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The Tobacac to rolling, it's dried grass, what's more natural? And yet, it's a danger to the environment. Indeed, its manufacture depends on toxic products rejected in nature. In addition to rejection, it is also deforestation. So many contradictions at the bio name that underworthy the environment. The Green Washing is in vogue, decrypts together the true of the fake to avoid believing labels in healthy image badly. That hides the bio term?

Let's look at additives and composition and are interested in the ecological argument.

BIO Tobacco Bulk

Bulk tobacco



1. Is it less polluting?

1.1  Less pesticides to cultivate.

1.2  Tobacco making.

1.3  Health first.

2. Conclusion

Is it less polluting to the global?

On finds more and more natural products or without additives. On the shelves of the dealer a bio label that suggests more "healthy" smoking grass. What are we finally talking about? Healthy product, environmentally friendly product? This is tobacco without taste additive and without a texture agent. Yes, but there remains a product containing toxic agents, such as carbon monoxide.

Yes the manufacturer uses less acetone, carbonic acid or ammonia, it is more ecological and good for nature. Yes Culture Goes from pesticides, it is still a gesture for the planet (and the workers who work in the field). How far are the chemicals used deleted or reduced?

Less pesticides to cultivate.

Nature is much more impacted by releases related to production than by its culture. Thus, the BIO label of some professional producers is a pledge of quality more than preservation of the environment. Indeed, untreated fields to pesticides can avail itself of producing organic grass, such as for fruits and vegetables. Remember that an insecticide as the Aldicarbe is part of these very dangerous neurotoxic used in tobacco agriculture. It lies with headaches, vertigo, nausea. It's already less in the bio. Let's not forget that the peasants themselves are exposed to the danger of toxic products.

"In France, the tendency to the biological culture of tobacco is very soft. In 2010, fewer than 5 bio tobacco producers for 2000 producers, appointment account! »

Tobacco making.

During manufacturing, if we take into account the choice of natural additives instead of chemical additives, the mark can argue that the product is more "bio". We are talking about preservatives or texture that, once burned, release toxic fumes for humans. Other products used, those that reduce the pH rate to suck the smoke of burned leaves without much effort. In all cases, bulk tobacco making is not exempt from polluting chemical processes, but difficult to have a list, manufacturers are hiding well to communicate.

  • Products pollute
  • Ammonia
  • Acetone

Health first

Remember that bulk tobacco in too harmful than rolled cigarettes.


The bio does not solve anything. Bio tobacco guarantees a priori more respectful culture Nature, less chemical treatment. In addition, the environment is always polluted because the products used for its manufacture are better decreasing, but not deleted processes. Finally, attention! Smoking will never be without impact on your health because products from the combustion absorbed in the lungs remain dangerous.

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