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Panorama in consumer numbers in France

T he smokers habits are changing like society. Habits are now rooted in other preconceived ideas. While remaining a refuge in pleasure, the smoker must now deal with messages towards our health, the market is more Framed. We'll explain the Evolution.

Male, Female instructions.



1. Tobacco prices

2. Declining consumption

The price of tobacco

The price of tobacco

CProbably directly outofing a sharp increase in prices in recent years, consumption has been halved since the early 1990s.  

The figures, confirmed in particular by the INSEE Institute.

The cigarette packet

The 10-ball package!  Expression still in fashion in the next 2020s. We had to count 13 of our good old Franks for a package without black lung in photo imposed by the minister Evin. Simone Veil warned of the risks of second-hand smoke. For comparison, today would be 2 degrees.

The timetable for increases is available on the website of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The packet of rolling tobacco

In 2017, the price of rolling tobacco also increased by 15%. In 2018, a further increase of 2 euros. Today it's 10€ 30-gram packet.

rolling tobaccoFind out here prices by brand.

An age-related phenomenon

Chez young people, the response to the increase in taxes was manifested by the purchase of packets of rolling tobacco replacing cigarette packets. This choice is explained by the feeling of making your tobacco packet last longer.Young people are also influenced by their surroundings, according to a study by the Graduate School of Public Health in 2018.  The gesture prolongs the pleasure.

However, you have to have a little fingering. The tubemaker helps you insert into cigarette tubes. However, it is possible to use tobacco pouch to drop the grass into the cigarette paper, a helping hand to take.

Other regulars turn to coercion, and hide behind an attitude up to the point in the name of freedom, dear freedom. "They can always go up!" 

Rolling leaves

Count less than one euro for a packet of leaves. Another price table rolling leaves.

Declining consumption

 Usignificant decline has been measured since 2016. Is this a new trend, a change of habit? In any case, the shift is marked among the most consuming populations, among the unemployed and consumers with low degrees.

The picture of consumption between men and women

Men, especially young people.

L're young men under-25s benefit mainly from this Drop according to the latest studies weekly epidemiological bulletin. Almost a quarter of a million young French people have given up on the beak. It is a third of this population that Smoke in the end, a little more than the national average around 30%.

In another anecdotal reading, half of young people under the age of 17 have already smoked Chicha.

25% of women smoke in France.

woman smokes

a woman who smokes

The women smoke less, no displeasure with prejudices . At the national level, a quarter of you ladies are resisting the downward trend that has been on the decline since 2016.

Those who have never smoked

37% of French people have never smoked, male and female combined.

Consistent consumption by region

Consumption is mostly limited in the Paris region

smoking coffee

a bar, a smoker sitting at a table

L'West, the loire country first, is also less Addicted gesture. The Brittany climbs on this podium of good students.

Between Paris and the champions of consumption in the Provence region - Côte d'azur, that's a 30% difference. 

Overall, the rate of consumption by region is rather Homogeneous, as a reminder, around 30%.

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