How do you wear a camera?

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You are looking for the ideal bag, the perfect strap neither too heavy nor too light. We do not choose the same camera according to its exercise, foggy or in town, we do not choose the same bag or the same strap. Between photoreporter and hiker, we explore several ways to wear his camera.

Camera straps

Leather straps for camera



1. Go hiking with his camera

2. The street photo, the reactivity race

3. The photo with elegance

4. Conclusion

Go hiking with his camera

Starting a trek, it is to be comfortable to walk and enjoy the landscapes without being embarrassed by the weight of its bags. If you have to make a choice, it's the weight. Alexander Chick and Sylvain Tesson crossed the Himalayas on foot ("walking in the sky", Robert Laffont editions, in total autonomy, with a 6 kg bag, including camera. Do not deceive a goal. How many hikers have regretted walking several hours with goals, filters, a photo foot? How many did not use their equipment? Choose a device light. If you are a reflex device with mirror, choose a single focal length, preferably light. A 50mm allows you to do everything. It is both the best objective in terms of quality and dive, and the lightest. It exists for example at Canon, an entry-level SLR with a 40mm objective if compact that it exceeds 2 cm the case. With 130 grams. Do you know what is called this goal? The pancake.



If you have a compact Mirrorless device, the weight issue is already resolved. And the quality of recent devices no longer have to prove itself. It's an excellent choice, including the photo of landscape in a walk.
Once the camera is chosen, you can worry about how to wear it. On a mountain road, or in front of majestic landscapes, you will have time to stop and output your device. No need to walk with your device around the neck or in shoulder strap. The backpack, as long as it is light is ideal.

« Verdict : A strap, a light strap, or nothing at all. "

The street photo, the reactivity race

There is as much way to wear his device that there are no doubt photographers. But for the street photo, a separate exercise that requires speed and responsiveness, you have to have your device already in hand. The settings already ready. There is a handle that clings at the same time at the camera screws and the crochet of the strap. Devilish effective, it allows in addition to wearing the device without closing the palm. Quite suitable for reflex, it replaces a shoulder strap.

Camera handle

Reflex device handle

Have you ever observed a photoreporter look for the decisive moment? If you do not know this report, look "History of a look" on Gilles Caron. The film shows in particular Gilles Caron turn around Cohn-Bendit, the device on the belly, under the arm, the appliance with the eye, the device as an extension of his gaze. He sneaks, ramps, hunting, the device in the hand and secured by a thin strap, no more.

Gilles Caron

Gilles Caron, Photoreporter

« Verdict : The device is at your fingertips or even in the hand "

The photo with elegance

POur those who are looking for a comfortable and elegant photo strap, to stroll with family on Sundays or to dress with style your outfit, there are refined, artisanal straps, especially leather at CreationAcc.


IThere is as much way to hold a camera as photographers. As many ways as styles of shots. Hiking, think about save weight. The street photo, when it, will not leave you time to open your backpack.

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